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Healthier Worksop

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Local people from the community, faith groups, the NHS and other local services are connecting the community of Worksop to support the wellbeing of its residents.  The approach is resident-led, builds on local strengths and allows local people to take control of the changes that matter to them.


Many people in Worksop experience poor wellbeing, and more local people identify their health as bad or very bad than nationally.  Life expectancy is lower than the Bassetlaw average.  Worksop is a town with heritage and spirit that could enable local people to experience better wellbeing.


We are asking as many local people as possible:

  ‘What change or difference in Worksop would make you feel more positive about yourself   and your wellbeing?’

Share your responses by completing the survey here.

Many Worksop communities are in the most deprived areas of the country.

Life expectancy for a woman in Worksop South East (Manton area) is 5.6 years less than the England average, and 8.9 years less than a woman in Bassetlaw’s East Markham ward, and 38% are economically inactive (compared to an average of 30% in England) despite having a younger population profile

14.7% people have their daily activities limited due to long term illness, compared to 8.2% nationally