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International Nurses Day – Head of Children’s Nursing

Terry Hayes is our Head of Children’s Nursing. Today, on #InternationalNursesDay she describes what makes her role so special…

How long have you been a nurse? “25 years!! 28 if you include my training. I started my training in Leeds in 1994 and qualified as a Children’s Nurse in 1997.”

What makes your job special? “The children 😊 Being a Children’s Nurse has always involved working with the child or young person and their whole family. My nursing care has always been observed by parents, carers, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and anyone else who is special to the child. It has always been part of my responsibility to help the voices of children be heard. The teams I have worked with have been incredible, always looking for ways to support children and young people in the best ways possible.”

“My job now is quite unusual, there aren’t many children’s nurses doing what I do in other CCGs. I am lucky that I am involved in all areas of physical and mental health in maternity, children, young people up to 25 years including safeguarding and SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities). Although I am no longer in a clinical role but I am still involved with the clinical teams who provide care for children and can support and be supported by them. I have a really wide view of the systems across South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire and work with really committed and enthusiastic teams.”

What do you particularly enjoy or find rewarding? The most rewarding part of my job has never changed. It is knowing that something I have done has helped a child or young person and their family to be cared for in a better way, or the way they want to be cared for. When I worked clinically, that was about providing the best care I could provide and developing and improving what was offered. Now it is more about ensuring that children and young people are considered in decision making and that their voices are heard as much as possible.”