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International Nurses Day

Today is #InternationalNursesDay!

We have a fantastic nursing team working in a variety of settings across #Bassetlaw.

Deena works at Cherry Holt Nursing Home in Retford and says her time in social care has been the most rewarding of her career.

“It all began when my dad was very ill and taken into hospital in 1997,” she said. “He passed away in hospital and I had three young children but I was so inspired by the nursing I’d seen, I thought ‘I want to do this’.

“So in 1998, I started my nurses’ training and qualified in 2001 aged 37. I always think, ‘whatever you want to do, it’s never too late’. I began my career working in A&E but my dream was to become a midwife. I got that chance and I enjoyed it, but I really missed the nursing.” Deena explained how she wanted to experience as much as possible during her career and has worked in a variety of settings including prison and with the police as a nurse.

“Then my mum, who had dementia, went in a care home which wasn’t a very nice place,” she said. “I thought there must be some good care homes out there and I was inspired to start working in social care. I’ve never looked back. Social care is special. You’re caring for people – they’ve all got personalities, memories, and histories. They come here and we help them live the life they’ve got left.

“Whatever is happening I always want to come into work because I know I’ll make a difference. I’m 59 and should be planning my retirement, but I think I’ll still be coming into a couple of shifts when I’m 70!”