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Miles in May 2019: report

Miles in May 2019 was the first initiative of its kind in Bassetlaw, in which local people and organisations were encouraged to complete 26 miles – the equivalent of a marathon – throughout the month of May.

Bassetlaw’s Integrated Care Partnership, which brings together the NHS, local government and the voluntary sector , co-ordinated the initiative, as part of the ‘health citizenship’ agenda, which is a priority in the local ‘Better in Bassetlaw Place Plan 2019-2021’.

People could complete their ‘miles in May’ through walking, swimming, cycling, running, rowing or a mixture. The aim was to get Bassetlaw people moving more, and gaining the many benefits of physical activity for wellbeing. The benefits of being more physically active include not only helping to prevent and treat a range of conditions such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and mental ill-health, but also improved wellbeing. By connecting with other people, and with Bassetlaw’s many resources.

In summary, the project enabled:

  • Bassetlaw people doing extra miles, to the equivalent of the circumference of the earth, in the month of May! That is over 24,000 miles;
  • Tens of thousands of people reached via social media;
  • Thousands of local people directly participating in Miles in May events and activities.


Download and view the report here