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Introduction to Newgate Primary Care Network

Newgate Primary Care Network (PCN) is responsible for 26% of the registered patients in Bassetlaw, and is a single practice PCN.

There are a total of 30,444 patients registered with the GP practice in this PCN. See more about the GP practice below.

Local health indicators are generally similar to England averages.

For more in depth information about this PCN visit the Nottinghamshire County Insight page here, or check out the PCN profile to the right of this page.

newgate pcn profile

Clinical Director Introduction

Dr Deepti Alla

I am delighted to be the Clinical Director for Newgate Primary Care Network (PCN), which brings together colleagues from Newgate Medical Group along with partners from social care, community health services, the council and voluntary sector to meet the health needs of thousands of people from the Worksop area. This represents an exciting opportunity to work together to build better opportunities for Bassetlaw people to stay well and independent.

Newgate is a single practice PCN, rated ‘good’ by the Care Quality Commission, which provides healthcare to patients in many wards in Bassetlaw. Demand for services in primary care and beyond is increasing, and we need to find better ways to manage this by using our services more effectively. For example, we have begun using demographic information about our patient population to tackle critical local issues such as loneliness and isolation, frailty and obesity. The PCN is also exploring how it can use different approaches to prescribing, so that we can manage demand and use resources better.

We know that if we are to meet the needs of our population we need a different approach, and this can only happen by working differently and better with our communities, so that we can innovate and avoid silo working. This is the unique opportunity presented by the PCN model, and I am confident that real and measurable change can be achieved through our collaborative network.

GP practice in Newgate Primary Care Network