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Press Release: Transport is a big focus for Bassetlaw!

Transport is a big focus for Bassetlaw!

The Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) has undertaken a piece of work on transport.  It is recognised that the people in Bassetlaw are part of a region that is very rural, which often means that communities are far apart and need to be connected by good public transport links.

Work is progressing well in Bassetlaw with establishing an efficient and reliable system of transport, so that local people can get where they need to be, when they need to be there. The County Council continues to invest £3.9m per annum in local bus services across the County, including Bassetlaw.

If you are unable to make your journey by public transport perhaps a community car scheme could help.  There are volunteer drivers throughout Bassetlaw who may be able to assist with a variety of journeys (such as shopping trips or GP/ hospital appointments). These are provided by Dial a Trip in Tuxford and Bassetlaw Action Centre, across Bassetlaw, and are chargeable.

As part of the ICP, a dedicated transport group meet regularly to ensure positive changes are made to improve transport links in Bassetlaw. As a result of consultations in Mattersey Thorpe and Tuxford in late 2018, specific actions are now being taken by Nottinghamshire County Council to:

  • Re-locate the bus stop for Tuxford surgery and amend the bus route to increase frequency for those needing transport support in accessing primary care;
  • Examine the afternoon timetable for buses out to Mattersey Thorpe and ensure consistent timings throughout the afternoon until close of service.

This should hopefully make people’s experience of using public transport much better.

However, there is much more to do to ensure that transport in Bassetlaw is the best that it can be for local residents.

So work is currently underway to:

  • Develop a “one-stop” website for transport in the region;
  • Improve communications around transport options and work on circulating these effectively within the local communities, particularly those more rural in nature.

Nottinghamshire County Council will also be undertaking a review of bus and community transport across Nottinghamshire.

Councillor Cottee, Chair of the Communities and Place committee, said; “We are pleased to be working with our partners in the Integrated Care Partnership to deliver better bus services, waiting facilities and information to improve the travel experience of Nottinghamshire residents. We will continue to consult with partners and residents to shape future transport provision in the county.”


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