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What is Refill Bassetlaw?

‘Refill’ is a nationwide scheme that aims to reduce single-use plastic bottle pollution by offering a network of free tap water points in the UK. We want to make carrying a refillable bottle instead of buying bottled water the norm for everyone. The local ‘Refill Bassetlaw’ scheme aims for:

  • Better health – staying hydrated promoted wellness and reduces risk of infection
  • Better environment – reduced use of single-use plastic bottles
  • Better footfall – more foot traffic, and better involvement with the community

How does it work?

Refill works by connecting people who are looking for water with local organisations where they can Refill for free. Anyone can download the free app to find Refill Stations near them, where they can refill for free on to go. Participating cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, and other businesses simply sign up to the app and put a sticker in their window, showing passers-by that they’re welcome to go in and fill up their bottle.

I’m a Bassetlaw organisation – I want to put my tap on the map!

By signing up as a Refill Station you’ll be helping to keep Bassetlaw hydrated and free of plastic pollution. All you need to do is give Refill a few details via their App.

Once your station is live, you’ll be ready to welcome thirsty refills and benefit from increased exposure and footfall as a result.

We have created a Refill Bassetlaw poster which can be printed and placed in your window, and we also have free window stickers. Take a look below.

I have more questions about becoming a Refill Station

If you have any queries in regards to becoming a Refill Station take a look at the Refill Station Guide here.

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