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Introduction to Retford and Villages Primary Care Network

Retford and Villages Primary Care Network (PCN) is responsible for 44% of the registered patients in Bassetlaw making it the largest of the three PCNs in Bassetlaw. It is largely rural and includes the town of Retford and smaller villages (see map of footprint below).

There are a total of 51,717 patients registered to its five GP practices in this PCN. See more about the GP practices below.

Generally, the population in this PCN is relatively affluent and in good health; local health indicators are generally comparable to or better than England averages.

For more in depth information about this PCN visit the Nottinghamshire County Insight page here, or check out the PCN profile to the right of this page.

retford and villages pcn profile

GP practices in Retford & Villages Primary Care Network

ICP Partnership Office

The purpose of Bassetlaw Integrated Care Partnership is to reduce health inequalities and increase healthy years lived for Bassetlaw people, by working together to address the determinants of health. We want to improve lives lived by Bassetlaw citizens by providing the right support at the right time, to ensure everyone can be better in Bassetlaw

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