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Young Carers: Who Are They?
What Do They Do?

A young carer is someone under 18 who helps look after someone in their family, or a friend, who is ill, disabled or misuses drugs or alcohol.

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Young Carers Service in Nottinghamshire

To access the Young Carer Service, in the first instance please contact Nottinghamshire County Council and request a Young Carers Assessment on 0300 5008080

Already had a Young Carers Assessment? You might be due for a review, ring the above number or Carers Hub for details 0115 8248 824

The young carers service is funded by the NHS and Nottinghamshire County Council. The service will support young carers to: increase their self-esteem, feel more in touch with other young carers, feel more positive about engagement, feel less socially isolated, identify peer support.

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