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GP Contracting Briefing

Practices will be offered a new Networks DES (aka ‘Primary Care Network Contract’)

• The DES will provide funding for practices to form and develop networks, as well as for additional workforce

• The DES will outline services to be delivered by the network in return for the funding

• Doing this via a DES allows PCNs to be built through the GMS contract, and therefore from the ground up, ensuring that there is no need for procurement, and that they are GP-led.

The DES specification will be developed by GPC England and NHS England over the next few months

• Supplementary network services may be developed, supported by additional local financial assistance

• CCGs may continue to commission local services direct from practices or where appropriate via the network DES ( and should be discussed with LMCs and practices)

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Call for Care

Call for Care is the urgent care navigation service commissioned to deliver a two-hour response for people in Bassetlaw to prevent an avoidable hospital admission or support timely discharge from the Emergency Department.

Health and Care professionals can refer by making a brief telephone call which will be answered by an experienced urgent care clinician. Following referral, urgent response staff based in the locality will undertake a thorough assessment of the patient’s need, usually through a face to face home visit, and will make the necessary arrangements to enable them to remain safely at home.

The service is for patients aged 18 years and over whose health needs have deteriorated but do not require an acute hospital admission. They must be registered with a Bassetlaw GP or be a resident in the Bassetlaw local authority district.

The Bassetlaw Call for Care Service will launch across primary care from 29 July 2019, with wider roll out to follow across East Midlands Ambulance Service and Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals.

To facilitate its launch members of the mobilisation team will be visiting primary care organisations during June and July to showcase the service and answer any questions.

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