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Bassetlaw CCG is proud to work with Citizens Advice Bureau

Bassetlaw CCG is proud to work alongside and help fund, the work of the Bassetlaw Citizens Advice Bureau, and in particular their Positive Paths team.

We asked them to tell us about someone they were able to help…

An elderly lady who had recently lost her partner was struggling significantly with her finances.

This lady was really struggling to manage due to physical and mental health conditions of her own but didn’t realise the severity of her own health conditions as she was so used to caring for her husband instead.

Our support: The lady had no idea about Attendance Allowance (AA) and that due to her own health conditions she may be eligible for it, but she suffered badly during both day and night and had very little help around her.

As we see frequently, the lady was so overwhelmed with the process of claiming AA, we requested the form on her behalf and when the form arrived we supported her with completing it.  She had very little confidence in being awarded AA and didn’t even realise just how much she was struggling. She was so thankful for our help and said she wouldn’t have been able to complete the form herself.

Outcome: The lady was successfully awarded the higher rate of AA (£89.60 per week), which will be an extra annual award of £4,659.20 per year!

This amount of money made a huge difference to her income and she thanked us for helping her to change her life.

Our wellbeing survey showed that her mental health had improved as a result of reducing her money worries and gained valuable support to continue to live independently. Before our support, she scored herself 2 out of 4 for ‘I’ve been feeling optimistic about the future’.  After our support her score increased to 4 out of 4.

She said that the increased income would enable her to afford transport to access places and to have support to help her in her home.