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Bassetlaw CCG is proud to work with “You Before Two”

Bassetlaw CCG is delighted to be working with “You Before Two”: a new charitable foundation created to promote the sexual and mental health education given to secondary school-aged children in the North Nottinghamshire area.

They run workshops in schools across the area, aiming to empower young men and women to truly understand key concepts such as the true meaning of sexual consent, good mental resilience and the planned wanted baby.

Dr. Becky Foljambe, Founder of You Before Two, and Rotherham Sexual Health Consultant Dr. Naomi Sutton have recently released five short films for use in schools covering topics from penile and vulval health to periods, consent, and the sexual health check. Lesson plans and student factsheets to accompany each video will be available in early 2022, purchasable through the charity website. Every penny spent on lesson plans will go towards the production of the 2022 films.

Dr. Eric Kelly, Chair Bassetlaw Clinical Commissioning Group said “The CCG is proud to work in partnership with You Before Two.  We know that education has a huge role to play in keeping young people healthy and we’re pleased to support the work they do”.

Becky Foljambe; “I am a passionate believer in the life freedoms a good education can offer. School and healthcare should collide on a regular basis if young people are to learn about their bodies and minds in time to make healthy life decisions as adults.”