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Communications & Engagement Strategy 2020

Bassetlaw ICP Communications and Engagement Strategy 2020The Bassetlaw Integrated Care Partnership approved the Bassetlaw Communications and Engagement Strategy 2020 during their Board meeting on 12 December 2019.

The Communications and Engagement Network commit to the following actions, which are detailed in this strategy:

  • Impactful engagement with, and influence of Bassetlaw people in shaping health and care services, including those least often heard, embedding evidence-based models of collaboration in designing services;
  • Effective communications across and between ICP partners so that there is a shared vision, understanding and up to date insight across the local place;
  • Collated insights from local people to build a comprehensive picture of the lived experience of Bassetlaw communities;
  • Shared campaigns, summits and public messages.

Collaborative Partnership Model

The ICP Board endorsed the use of a collaborative partnership model, developed by one of its partners, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, working with The Kings Fund.  The model sets out our ambition to work collaboratively with our communities, our staff and our partners to develop and change services.

It outlines the principles and processes so we can work successfully together. We will use all our skills, knowledge, experience and learning to develop the best services possible within the finances available.  The model sets out the principles for partnership working in Bassetlaw.


The partnership will:

  • Listen to and understand others’ views and agendas
  • Build mutual trust and respect
  • Work in a way that emphasises dialogue rather than debate
  • Think, talk, plan and reflect together
  • Be open, honest and clear on the scope and purpose of the service change and what people can influence and how and by whom and by when decisions will be made.
  • Make communications simple, accessible and inclusive
  • Ensure the partnership will actively listen to the views of the communities we serve and represent those voices in its decision making

ICP Communications & Engagement workstream

The ICP Communications & Engagement workstream enables an integrated approach across partners in Bassetlaw. The priorities for the work stream are:

  • Communicating the purpose, vision and priorities of the ICP, ensuring all communications are user friendly
  • To collate engagement insights and intelligence across partners, to build a collective view of the lived experience of Bassetlaw people
  • To share and explore engagement methods and approaches across partners
  • To coordinate and add value to engagement activity undertaken by partners to reduce duplication, and support the objectives of the Programme
  • To identify gaps in knowledge and engagement insights between partners, in particular for hard to reach groups and those whose voice is seldom heard
  • To jointly coordinate programmes of engagement or campaigns linked to partner priorities
  • Coordinate communications activity
  • To coordinate summits based on programme priorities
  • To locate and communicate the Bassetlaw Place and Primary Care Networks in relation to the Nottinghamshire STP and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw ICS

Partnership Event (18 July 2018)

Shaping the next steps of our Partnership

Using a world café approach, partners identified the priority work for the ICP, and the key partners to involve.  Partners concluded that the ICP should be the nucleus of partnership working across health and care.

The event report identifies that the ICP should prioritise and own work on: integration; developing health citizenship in Bassetlaw; transport; loneliness and isolation; the workforce; communications and engagement; and, IT and digital. It also identifies that the ICP should support a range of further priorities, including work of falls, employment, housing, intermediate and urgent care, mental health and estates.

The ICP seeks to address issues by delivering services better together. It will improve outcomes for Bassetlaw citizens, including improved wellbeing and healthy years lived, measured through a basket of indicators. This event brought together key players to shape the next stage of the programme – what we are going to do, how we are going to it, by whom and by when.

The event was attended by 56 people from across Bassetlaw partners.

You can access the report here.