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Transport is a frequently raised issue for Bassetlaw for residents and services. The concerns span availability of public transport, passenger transport for patients, access to services and work, and risks of loneliness and isolation for people living in rural communities. In July 2018, Bassetlaw partners from across the NHS, local government, third sector and beyond collaborated to identify the main priorities and opportunities for the local Integrated Care Partnership (ICP).

All partners recognised the determinants of health lie predominantly outside of traditional health services and that a more integrated approach towards creating the conditions in which the wellbeing of Bassetlaw people can be optimised.


ICS Transport Forum, March 2019

The work of the Transport workstream also attracted the interest of the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System ( SYB ICS), which is looking to improve system transport across the patch.

Vanessa Cookson (Workstream Chair, Transport) and Benjamin Eckersley (Project Manager, ICP) attended one of the service user forums in March 2019 run by the SYB ICS to update on the work being done across Bassetlaw.

The presentation was warmly received and common themes emerged around transport challenges. Other areas of the system are struggling to find answers to these challenges.

The innovation and flexibility in Bassetlaw was apparent and the district is seen to be leading the way on the transport agenda within SYB ICS.

Presentation to ICP Board, June 2019

The Bassetlaw ICP Transport workstream provided an update to the ICP Board on the work being undertaken to both better understand and then improve transport for people in Bassetlaw.

Vanessa Cookson (Workstream Chair, Transport) and Benjamin Eckersley (Project Manager, ICP) attended and presented.

View the presentation here. Alternatively check out the resources at the top of this page.

Transport Summit, September 2019

As part of the ongoing work of the transport workstream, a dedicated summit was arranged where a variety of providers from the commercial (rail, bus), statutory (local authority, NHS) and voluntary sectors assembled on 19 September 2019.

The day offered an opportunity to bring transport stakeholders together to identify opportunities for better integration; and to improve connections of both people and places across Bassetlaw.

Read the event report in full here >